The strategy guide designed for today’s dynamic business environments

Agile Strategy, published by Pearson/Financial Times, is available in store and online from June 2019.

Describing in detail the RADAR framework which underpins it, and how to implement it, Agile Strategy offers a fresh approach to addressing an organisation’s key strategic questions and transforming its commercial performance. It is the first strategy guide designed for today’s dynamic business environments, and provides the framework, tools and techniques required to deliver RADAR’s benefits in your business.

The book is organised around the five components that comprise the RADAR framework:

The book distinguishes itself from other approaches in that it is:

  • Designed for larger organisations: Much of the thinking on agile techniques addresses start-ups or small businesses which operate under very different constraints and freedoms. RADAR is designed for larger organisations who want to be more agile.

  • Commercially-led: The approach is not a lightly airbrushed business rewrite of agile software development practices, but rather a fundamental rethinking of commercial and operational business transformation.

  • Practical: It is anchored in innovative and robust concepts and remains practical and action-oriented.

  • Results-focused: It is grounded in the definition and delivery of measurable business benefits.