Ralph Fernando

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Strategy at the speed of life

The pace of change is increasing, and strategic management is not keeping up. More than one in four strategic initiatives fail to meet their original goals and business intent1, with insufficient agility cited as a key reason2. Yet if you look for guidance on how to create such agility, you typically meet with either high-level theories and generalisations or approaches designed for start-ups and small-scale organisations.

We need practical guidance on how to create agility in larger businesses.

The RADAR approach provides this practical guidance, and differs from traditional strategy development in several ways:

By embedding RADAR at the heart of your organisation, you will set strategies that:

  • Increase the likelihood of success
  • Enhance competitive position
  • Reduce risk
  • Deliver measurable results

The book describing how to implement RADAR in your organisation, entitled Agile Strategy and published by Pearson, is now available to buy in store and online.